Balloon Race Packages & Prices

200 balloons £150 £300 £150
400 balloons £220 £600 £380
500 balloons £250 £750 £500
700 balloons £320 £1050 £730
1000 balloons £410 £1500 £1090

* Based on tickets being sold for £1.50 each and prizes being donated. All prices include VAT.

For a single payment you will receive :

  • 12″ Balloons – These are made from top quality latex. You can select assorted colours or perhaps you may wish to match your club, organisation or school colours.
  • Race Labels – As part of our package we will send you our standard printed labels with your return address.
  • Gas – This will be delivered to your release site in the days before your event. Our helium gas terms & conditions apply.
  • Advice and Support – Our staff are very experienced in organising releases from the very small to those involving many thousands of balloons. We are happy to advise you in the weeks and days before your event.
  • Release Nets can per purchased if required
    200 net £37.00 / 500 net £40.00 / 1000 net £52.00

We can personalise your labels by including your logo, organisation name, numbering or anything else you may need. Perhaps you may wish to have your balloons printed with your logo or name? Either of these services are available at extra cost, just visit our Balloon Race Labels page.

Why organise a balloon release?
Organisations usually get involved with balloons to raise money for clubs, schools, charities and hospitals. A Balloon Release is an ideal way to bring in much needed cash. However there are other advantages which are probably not immediately obvious. See our 6 step guide below to organising your release, or read our DIY Photo Guide.

A Balloon Release is a very visual event. Everyone will enjoy the spectacle of seeing helium filled balloons released into the sky. Planning and promoting a release will increase the attendance at an event. Furthermore if the release is towards the end of the event people will stay to witness the release and other stalls or fund raising items will continue to take money rather than ‘tail-off’. Groups looking for coverage and publicity via local media will be able to offer an excellent photo opportunity. Local publicity is always a most welcome outcome.

For schools there are numerous advantages in organising a balloon release. Display material can be produced both before and after the event. A wall map indicating where labels have been returned from is an obvious idea. Links can be made with other schools both nationally and abroad. Many subjects within the school will be able to use the release to their advantage – Art, Modern Languages and Geography to name just three.

We offer everything needed for a successful and profitable balloon release. You may purchase balloons, race labels and gas separately from our premises or order from our price list. Alternatively you may wish to buy one of our Balloon Release Packages which includes everything you require.