Balloon Race Guide

As you are probably aware staging a Balloon Race is not child’s play. Yes it can be fun, and organised correctly it can be highly profitable, benefiting your school, organisation or charity.

As a balloon supply company we can assist you in organising a successful mass release, and following our proven formula set out below your school, college or charity can benefit both socially and financially.

Step 1
Decide when you would like to stage your balloon release, if possible try to combine it with your fete, barbecue, open day or other event to maximise publicity. Decide what prizes to give for both the finder of the race label (as an incentive to send it back), and of course to the purchaser of the label returned from the furthest distance.

Step 2
Order your race package from us. The Standard Race Labels (included in your package) will be printed in advance of your balloon release to maximise sales. Don’t forget you could even seek sponsorship from local companies or organisations and have their company logos and details printed on them, this could take care of all or part of the cost of your release. Sponsors could donate prizes !

Step 3
Having bought your package, organise teams to sell as many labels as possible, If you manage to sell all of your labels, order some more from us and move up to the next package size, we only need to know the final amount sold two weeks before the release. Don’t forget, the success of your release will be due to your selling power.

Step 4
If your release looks as though it is going to be over 2000 Balloons, the Civil Aviation Authority will need to be notified…don’t worry we will handle all the paperwork for you, however 28 days clear notice must be given. If this is not possible you can release in batches of no more than 1,000 Balloons at least 15 minutes apart.

Step 5
Take delivery of your gas and balloons – we will give full instructions on how to inflate, net and release them, You can also view our D.I.Y Photo guide or alternatively we can release them for you. (Ring for a quotation).

Step 6
After the release, collect all labels returned before closing date, (usually one month after the release), ascertain which label has travelled the furthest and award your prizes. Remember balloon releases are a colourful and eye-catching spectacle and the earlier you order your race labels the earlier you can start selling and the more successful you will be.

Find out more about our balloon release packages.