Balloon Exploders

Add a Big Bang to your event with one of our fantastic exlploding balloon ideas.

  • Exploding Balloon Walls
    Start your event with a bang with one of our special exploding balloon walls. Ideal for concealing products or stage sets from your guests. Each 3ft. balloon is wired to a small detonator and all the balloons are exploded in one second to reveal your product.
  • Confetti Balloons
    These make a splendid addition to your cake table. Made from 16” clear, “Just Married” or Stars print balloons filled with confetti in the colours of your choice. Balloons can be popped with a pin or the knife, showering you with confetti.
  • Exploder Balloons
    Our 3ft exploder balloons create a wonderful effect showering your guests with 80 5” Balloons and 1,000 pieces of Flutter Fetti. Balloons can be supplied in clear, “Just Married” or Stars print, or Opaque (hiding contents from guests).
  • Flutter Bomb
    Our 3ft. Flutter Fetti exploder balloons create a wonderful effect showering your guests with 1,000 pieces of Flutter-Fetti. It is specially designed to stay in the air longer, slowly fluttering down to the ground.
    Balloons come in clear, “Just Married”, or Stars print, or opaque (hiding contents from guests).

All wiring, rigging and detonation is completed by our experienced team.
Balloons can be detonated by battery or detonator box.
Multiple exploders can be rigged to set them off in one hit or at separate times.

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