Balloon Arches

Balloon Arches are an ideal way to “Lift your Room”. We have five different types of arches to enhance any occasion. Each arch is made from 12″ Pearl balloons attached to a thin nylon line. All arches come with matching bows & weights.

  • Single Line or Double Line Pearl Arch
    Enhance your top table or entrance with one of our single or double arches. With a double arch, one arch is placed under the other giving a double rainbow effect.
  • Balloon Arch Crown 
    Our crown arches can create a wonderful effect when used behind your top table, entrance or stage area.The pattern for a crown arch is one balloon followed by two balloons in a ‘V’ shape making a herring-bone effect.
  • Four Cluster Swirl Arch
    The Four Cluster Swirl Arch is the most visually stunning of all our arches. Made from 12” balloons in clusters of four and swirled to give a candy-stripe or block-colour effect.
  • Double Bubble Arch 
    Our Double Bubble Arches give a much lighter feel to your room than a conventional arch. Made from 16” clear balloons with an 11” balloon inside in the colour of your choice. The 16” Balloon can be Clear, or with a “Just Married” or all over Stars print.
  • Aeropole. For the real WOW factor. Creates a perfect arch every time without the use of helium.


Note:if you decide to have an arch please tell venue staff so that they set up the top table with sufficient access for the staff to pass behind.