Christmas Elf Foils 2021





Christmas Eve Elf Foils

Christmas Eve Elf Foils

Yes, I know, it’s not even Mid-Summer and your possibly not even thinking of Christmas yet but I have to and so do the wholesalers.

We started printing the Elf Foils last year in September and to be quite honest it was far too late in the year, and I really struggled to keep up with the flow. Lack of stock did not help. Importing foils from the USA was costly.

Wholesalers came on board around October and all of a sudden, my life got slightly easier, let me explain.

Individual Orders

Individual orders need to be processed, packed and shipped to each location. On the 9th October 2020 I shipped over 490 parcels. Long days and sleepless nights added to my frustration. We were working under very difficult conditions and trying to follow Government Covid guidelines.

To keep the cost down we stated that we would ship 2nd class UK mainland. A few days later I was bombarded with emails and telephone calls asking for tracking numbers. 2nd class postage does not come with a tracking number. neither does 1st class. I would say that 99% of the orders arrived within a week but it’s the ones that did not that caused me a problem as I have to resend them at my own cost.


When a wholesaler orders these Special Occasion Foils, they have to order a minimum quantity of 500. Most orders were in excess of 2000. So, that’s 500+ foils to one location.

These sold like hot cakes and the wholesalers placed more orders within a few days of receiving them. I continued to print both day and night.

Remember these are all hand printed and it takes 5 hours to print 1000 + drying time.

Over 48,000 were printed in 2020


So, from this year onwards we will only be supplying your local wholesaler with these Special Occasion Foils. It just makes common sense. They have online ordering sites, and you can get all your needs under one roof.

The following wholesalers listed below have placed substantial order for 2021 and we commence printing the first week in July with shipping dates around mid-August or sooner.

Stock levels are still continuing to hamper us all and I see it continuing for the inevitable future but if we all act now then these problems can be quashed.

UK Wholesalers 2021


Greetings House, Walsall, West Midlands

Tel; 01922 646666

Crosswear Trading, Enfield, Middlesex, London

 Tel; 0208 443 0340



US Party Company, Boston, USA

 Tel; +1774 762 4174


As more wholesalers come on board I will list them below.

Please also remember that this is a protected and copyrighted piece of artwork that belongs to Ann Davies of Cloud 9 Events