Name Change.

The Face Book page for Elf Foils has now change to …..

Special Occasion Foils

Back in September 2020 I created a Face Book page for Elf Foils. The brand took off at an alarming rate and exceeded all my expectations.

The range was extended with Valentines, Mother’s Day and Easter designs so a name change only seemed right.

Special Occasion Foils

Christmas Designs



Christmas Eve Elf Foils

Christmas Eve Elf Foils


To The One I Love

To The One I Love

Mother’s Day

To a very Special Mother

To a very Special Mother


White on Lime Green

White on Lime Green

White on Lavender

White on Lavender


From September 2020 I found myself printing the Elf Foils at an alarming rate and just over 37,000 were supplied across the globe. It was draining.

Due to Covid19 the supply of plain foils was running thin and I spent a lot of time sourcing stock from the UK and overseas but I did not give up. The shifts were long and tedious and working though out the night to keep up with order took it’s toll.

I could manage to print 900 foils in a 4 hour shift, come home and sleep for a few hours, go back to the office, print another 900, bring the foils from the previous shift home with me, pack and distribute.

On one occasion I clocked up 39 hours without sleep and found myself hitting a brick wall. Things were taking longer and mistakes were being made.

October 9th 2020

429 packages were taken to the post office. Mission accomplished. Nope!!!! I spoke to soon. The orders kept coming in.


With the help of Anne Davis (The lady responsible for the artwork) an email blast went out to wholesalers who suddenly came on board and believe it or not this made the entire process easier for me. Let me explain

429 individual order takes a lot of time to process. Some wanted 10 foils, some want 25, some wanted 50. I do not have an online ordering system so each one had to be manually processed

I came up with a pricing policy for wholesaler with a minimum order of 500 foils. These wholesaler have a vast online presence and you can get all your needs under one roof….BINGO

The first order came in from Greeting House. Thank you Bapia for the lead. 2000 foils were ordered. I did a quick blog post and then the flood gates opened.

Balloon Market, Balance Best, MGC, Gas and Balloons, Party Box, Up Up and Away, Irish party Supplies to name but a few all place orders.

The production time was still the same but dispatch was so much easier.

Moving forward 2021 and beyond.

With the brand now growing I feel that the route forward is to supply these to wholesaler. It’s a much simpler process for me and a much simpler process for you. Everything under on roof.

Wholesalers that stock Special Occasion Foils will get my full support and I will keep you all updated with regular posts

Birthday’s and Halloween

They are in the pipeline but I’ve not told Anne yet. Quite sure she will be tickled pink. The Welsh lyricist will once again be putting pen to paper


I will still be moving forward with the website for these foils but need to make some changes.

I’ll call you later Mike Harris

Back soon

Stay safe