Balloon Printing 2020


So as of today we are back up and running since the Government lockdown on the 24th March but with limited staff. ( Well just me if you must know for the moment)

Things may take a little longer but a phone call or email detailing your requirements in full can help (Were not mind readers)

When ordering printed balloons it helps if we have all the info required to get your order processed and dispatched as quick as possible so when asking for printed balloon can you just remember the following information

Value Range or Qualatex

There is a difference in the price (Ford or Rolls Royce)

The print quality remains the same

Quantity required


ENTER TO WIN!! Guess how many individual... - Cheyenne 4th of July ...

This really does help speed up the process unless I have my crystal ball with me

Balloon colours

With over 57 vibrant colours to choose from across both ranges it’s always good to specify this.

We’re no good a guessing games 

Ink Colour

Just tell us. Pantone matches are available but please remember a Pantone match only really works on white balloons

Please remember we only print in single colour on to 11″ , 16″ , 4′ and 5.5′  latex but depending on the complexity of the artwork muti-colour can be done on 36″ latex and foils/ mylars

See guide line on price list below

Sorry, not able to do process 

Single or double side print

Choose from single side print, double side print or top print


Neck up or neck down

Balloon size

Qualatex range

Choose from 11″, 16′, 30″ or 36″

Pioneer Line

4ft and 5.5ft Chloroprenes


2ft latex

Value Range

Choose for, 9″ or 11″

Foils/ Mylar

Choose from 18″, 20″ or 36″


Boring Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip Art

A good hi-res copy is always best in either Jpeg, Tiff, PDF / Ai  (We can open almost any file)

A 2kb gif is as useful as an ash tray on a motorbike if you get my drift


Always good to tell us when you require them for so we can have a good laugh

Confirmation of order

Once we have all the information we will confirm your order via email

No orders will be printed unless you confirm all is correct and we can proceed

Cartoon alarm clock Royalty Free Vector Image - VectorStock

The clock is ticking

It’s always good  to speak

If your unsure about anything just call. A simple question can be answered and a problem resolved (Were good like that)

Office 02476 676 961

Matt 07850 844 550




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