FLOAT 2020. Are you ready?

FLOAT 2020

26th January –30th January 2020

Marriott Airport Hotel



So, with only weeks left until I depart for  Float 2020 it’s full steam ahead finalising my 3 classes

The Perfect Photo Frame (Master Class)

Sunday 26th January 


It's so simple and so sellable.

It’s so simple and so sellable.

This is a full hands-on class so come prepared to help create 4 amazing photo frames



Keep it Simple, Keep it Sellable

Tuesday 28th January

8am- 9.30am and 10am – 11.30 am

Topping off spiral columns with 3ft printed balloons sure gets the message across

Topping off spiral columns with 3ft printed balloons sure gets the message across

The experts will tell you…solid consistent revenue in the balloon world comes from the simplest of concepts. So join Matthew “Sparkles” Lewis as he guides you through a series of both air-filled and helium based designs that make him money over and over and over again. During the course of this class, he’ll show how a variety of pieces can be made from the same product, which in the end means less purchasing and more selling! Repetition and speed means for less labor and more profit….and isn’t that what we all want?

Communication, Communication, Communication

Tuesday 28th January


The answer is YES! Now whats the question.

The answer is YES! Now whats the question.


No one has EVER said that Matthew Lewis talks too much, but this is one of those times when he should…and you should….EVERYONE SHOULD! Explore the importance of communication with your clients, crews and vendors. Being prepared, looking right, confirming orders…these all sound like obvious things, but it’s amazing how often they are overlooked, which can lead to disastrous moments. Matthew will also cover RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement) which is so important in this industry, and so frequently overlooked.

The Journey

I will depart the UK early morning on Friday 24th January and my first stop will be Chicago. A 5 hour layover and then it’s off to St Louis landing early evening on the 24th.

With a 6 hour time difference between the UK and St Louis my body clock will be all over the place so if you see a tired looking Brit wandering around the hotel please buy him a drink, it will be a long day.

Such an honour

Such an honour

Oh!, and I almost forgot


Sunday 26th January


Its all about BLOG.

It’s all about BLOG.


Come and have a chat about BLOGGING and what it will do for you

Float at a glance. Check it out here

See you all on the 24th