Back at Float 2020

Back at Float 2020

What an absolute honour it is to be invited back as a Faculty Teacher to Float 2020

My first experience of Float was earlier this year when I attended as a delegate / Bonus Instructor and I loved every minute of it.

The entire event is held at St Louis Airport Marriot

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Such an honour

Such an honour

There is only one place to be in January 2010

There is only one place to be in January 2020


I will be teaching two classes, “Communication, Communication, Communication” and “Keep it simple, keep it sellable”

Both packed full of top tips and take-a-ways.

Although Float is a smaller even than WBC it certainly packs quite a punch and has a real family feel to it, top quality instructors and decor to die for.

I meet some very special people at Float in 2019, you know who you are….Disney Magical

See you all in the bar