Multi Colour Prints on to 3ft latex balloons

For some years now we have been printing on Qualatex 36″ latex balloon with a single colour print application, either single or double side.

We offer a large print area, possibly the biggest in the industry but I’ve alway wanted to push the boundaries on this and offer multi colour print onto the 3ft balloons.

Well now I can, but there are a few rules.

First of all the print must be spot not CMYK or process, the ink colour must not be touching and I can only print single side, but you will not be dissapointed in the result.

2 colour print

2 colour print. Perfect example of spot colour with no colours touching

2 colour print

2 colour print and with no colours touching

And we can still get a big print

And we can still get a big print

 The limits are endless with this new process and we are confident that up to 5 colours or more are possible but one step at time.

We are now working on a price list for up to 5 colours and will publish once ready but happy to quote anybody

Lead time all depends on how many you require and how many ink colours so please take that into consideration