An Alternative to Balloon Releases

So last week I removed all balloon release related info from my site and as stated on Face Book this was not through pressure but because I do believe it was the correct thing to do. Latex balloon release are litter, what goes up must come down but I do feel it’s a very small part of the overall problem this planet is facing but never the less I hope my efforts help.

I also watch the link below and this guy really dose nail the problem on the head that’s it, no more balloon releases / races. 

Well don’t worry as you can still have fun and still do a balloons release and no, it’s not littering, no helium is required, no litter issue. It’s fun, it’s safe and you can all take part, but first a little bit of info about it.

Back in 2007 a friend of mine decided he wanted to create a balloon race web site where you could purchase a balloon race package, sell balloons online, set a start and end date to the race, make it interactive and allow people to donate money to the race organisers selected charity by boosting a choose balloon so that it travelled furthest over a given time but within the allotted race duration.

Let me introduce you all to


Im going to purchase a balloon race package and your are all invited to take part. I’ll keep you all posted as to which charity the money will go to but my initial thought are Alzheimers

So if someone approaches you for a balloon release offer them BALLOONRACE.COM

Apply for a race today

Let the fun commence!