Balloon Drops at WBC 2018

BALLOON DROPS on a grand scale.

World Balloon Convention 2018

In approximately 6 weeks time the doors will open and World Balloon Convention 2018 will begin. It offers the worlds best resources for balloon training and education so you can take your businesses to the next level.

One of the most profitable areas within my business is balloon drops and I am very proud to be teaching again at WBC and sharing my knowledge on this truly wonderful effect.

If you have ever struggled with balloon drops then my class at WBC 2018 is the one for you.

I will cover Job Costing, Managing Crews, Rigging and the all-important Chain Stitch vs Running Stitch.

And don’t forget my ice breaker at the start of every class which will follow a bit of a royal theme this year.

Do you want to feel confident doing this!

Do you want to feel confident doing this!


Or create an effect like this!

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Both my classes are on Thursday 15th March, 08.30 – 10.00 & 10.30-12.00

It’s a class that will be 100% FUN FUN FUN!