WBC 2018. I’ll be there, will you!

The Instructors have been announced……

…..and yes, I’m one of them and it’s a great honour to be amongst these very talented people from all over the world.. (Check out the lineup here)

I remember watching the large screens either side of the stage at the Gala Dinner in 2016 reveal the 2018 location and thought…”that would be nice” but never did I think I would get the opportunity to teach again, must of done something right.

So what’s WBC like?

For those of you who have never attended a WBC l’ll try to sum it up in one word, AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, PRODIGIOUS, STUNNING, UNBELIEVABLE,  FASCINATING, MARVELOUS,  SURPRISING & WONDERFUL..As you can see it takes more than one word.

My first WBC was in Denver 2014. I worked with Team GB led by Mike Harris CBA. This team of 10 worked 27hrs no stop to create a most amazing sculpture, we all partied together, we laughed, we cried, we supported each other, we’re all friends for life and the memories will never fade

The Red Arrows by Mike Harris and TEAM GB

The Red Arrows by Mike Harris and TEAM GB ( Organic clouds..did we start a trend)



Not only did I have the privilege of working with these guys but I was also given the task of designing the decor for the QBM meeting. I received great support from TEAM GB who all stepped in and helped create some amazing decor that was admired by all.

QBN Decor 2014

QBN Decor 2014

Entrance Arch leading to the Tower Ballroom

Entrance Arch leading to the Tower Ballroom

4 hours later and the stage is done. Nice chains Mike Harris

4 hours later and the stage is done. Nice chains Mike Harris

I can’t afford to go…YES YOU CAN.

Every industry event has a fee and you only get out of that event what you put in and if you break it down it’s not that expensive and it’s 100% tax deductible against your business.

For those that are travelling from the UK the cost breaks down like this

Registration to WBC is £475.00. (See WBC site for exact cost Click here)

On site accommodation for 5 nights £795.00 + local tax. (For hotel info Click here)

Flights £800 (Approx) 

Spending Money £500.00

TOTAL £2570.00 (Approx)

Now that may sound a lot but you have to remember WBC is a biennia event. That means there are approximately 730 days between each WBC. Divide that between the total cost and it breaks down to about £3.52 per day

Is the future of you business worth £3.52 per day….yes it is.

As I said earlier you only get out what you put in so if you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran planning to go to WBC then throw yourself in at the deep end and ride the wave to success. Help with the competition pieces, join a team, help with the decor build for the party nights, arrive early and help with the lobby decor.

Why not get involved with Team GB and create memories that will last a lifetime. Now that is something money can’t buy.