3ft latex balloon printing…We’re simply the best!

Peace of mind.

When it comes to 3ft latex balloon printing here at Matthew Lewis Displays, I can quite simply say that we are in a league of our own. The entire order process in handled in house, Artwork, Screens and Printing, giving the customer peace of mind. We always send the customer a confirmation of order and a visual making sure that every detail is correct prior to printing. When you print anything up to 1000 units per week your really don’t want any mistakes.


These balloons are 36″ so you need to think BIG with the artwork. The artwork needs to be crisp and clean. We are only able to print in single colour. Ai, PDF or ESP format is fine. It’s best to send in the artwork to big as it results in a better image if we can reduce it. Out output for artwork  is 24″. The balloons are screen printed when inflated to 26″. Once printed and inflated to 30″ the artwork will look bigger that 24″



Confirmation of order

A 2 page PDF confirms every order. The first page acts as a pro-forma invoice and the second page contains all the relevant information relating to the job. One confirmed and paid for the second page is sent to the print department




The screens are  29″ x 36″ so from start to finish it takes about 2 hours to clean & turn-a-round a new one ready for printing. The screen needs to be perfect so we  take our time and do not rush this process.

A perfect print every time

Neck down print

Position for Neck Fown print

Neck Up Print

Position for Neck Up Print


Like everything that is custom branded, the more you buy the cheaper the unit cost. Our 3ft balloon printing starts from 10 balloons.

3ft, 4ft and 5.5ft balloon printing price list

3ft, 4ft and 5.5ft balloon printing price list

No one else prints this BIG.

BIG balloons create BIG impact

BIG balloons create BIG impact

4ft and 5.5ft Chloroprene Balloon Printing

We are also one of the only companies in the UK who offer a printing service on the these giant Cloudbuster balloons.

BIGGER balloons for an even BIGGER impact

BIGGER balloons for an even BIGGER impact. Festival No6

Later guys and remember..think BIG!

We only print on Qualatex 3ft balloons