Tulle covered 24″ Qualatex Bubbles

So a few weeks ago I launched the pre-cut tulle for Qualatex 36″ latex balloons. Each piece measured 280cm x 280cm and easily covered the 36″ balloons when sized  between 28″ and 32″. The tulle has been very popular and we now stock the entire colour range and at only £5.00 per piece it does not take long to clear the shelves.

The Qualatex 24″ bubbles are very popular which got me thinking…could you helium fill these bubble, cover them with the same tulle, add some satin ribbon and would they still float. WELL THE ANSWER IS YES and they look great.

The Tulle that you buy from me to cover the 36″ latex measure 280cm x 280cm, if you fold and cut into 4 equal squares of 70cm x 70cm it will cover a 24″ bubble. You need to pull the tulle quite taught and gather it up at the neck and secure with an un-inflated 260Q

Based on a single piece of tulle 280cm x 280cm costing £5.00 then the tulle for the 24″ bubbles will cost £1.25

Adding the satin ribbon tails and hand tied bows really does finish off the effect and still allows the helium to lift. Im also going to be stocking the 1″ satin ribbon in all the colours to co-ordinate with the tulle at a cost of £2.95 per 25 metre roll + vat

Tulle covered 24" Bubble

Tulle covered 24″ Bubble

Tulle cut to 70cm x 70cm

Tulle cut to 70cm x 70cm


Hand tied sating bows and tails add to the finished look

Hand tied sating bows and tails add to the finished look


Watch out for next weeks blog on Festival No6, it’s going to be a good one

Later guys