Another Ultimate Gala Bingo challenge

Once again I was contacted by my client to install balloon decor at 8 Gala Bingo Halls across the country on Sunday 23rd August for the Ultimate Bingo Challenge. The brief was simple, it’s a cruise so can the decor have a nortical theme with a few dolphins. The old brain cogs started to turn, the internet was the place to hunt for fresh ideas and after a few hours a theme was created to include entrance and stage decor. The budget was workable and a brief was written, the client said yes so I set to work contacting local balloon companies across the Uk who I thought could handle this decor and work to a strict time scale.

The Brief

Gala Bingo,

Sunday 23rd August 2015

The Ultimate Bingo Challenge

Dear All,

Many thanks for helping out with this mammoth task.

Each site needs to be installed between 9.00am and 10.00am on Sunday 23rdh August 2015.

Some of you may be able to contact your chosen venue and see if you can install after close on the Saturday night so give the manager a call.


Entrance Décor (Inside Only)

 1 x Air filled arch to be placed over the main entrance to the hall. (See duty manager on the day for exact location)

All arches will need to follow the same pattern so could you all insure that they are built as follows….

646 chain link arch as above with curled 260Qs and leaping dolphins. I will let you do your own interpretation but as close to the above picture as above (Sort of).


Stage Décor

2 x 6ft 4 cluster columns with the base dark blue base followed by Lt Blue and then white

Add 2 foil dolphins, one at the base and one on the top and add curled white 260Qs. No need for any base plates or poles as these can free stand with a counter water or sand weight at the bottom



Your stock will include the following…….

646Qs in White, Lt Blue and Dark Blue. 1 bag of each

260Qs in white. 25 of each

6 Foil Dolphins.

11” White, Dark Blue and Lt Blue. 30 of each.

You may keep any unused stock so no need to return after use. (I’m so nice)



The mission should you choose to accept carries a fee of £***.** and a travelling fee of £**.**. I know its not a lot but the stock is all being supplied and I would estimate the build and installation should take no more that 2 hours and I have chosen each company based on post code local to keep you travelling costs to a minimum, I also know most of you so trust is in there as well (I think)

Total £***.**

 No framework required so no need to return to collect anything



It would also be great if each of you could take a picture of the arch and columns for our records and also to prove to our client what can be achieved so watch out for a Blog and I will be awarding a small prize to the best arch and columns so make sure it looks good

Please email picture to


Once you have installed your arch could you just text or email me to let me know all is OK



Confirmation and Payment

I would be very grateful if you could all confirm your acceptance of this and then after the job date could you all send in your invoice for the total £165.00 either + or including Vat depending on your company status. Your invoice should be sent to

Could you also use the following PO No on the invoice. GalaBingo 23/08/2015


Everyone of you did a fantastic job and the client was very impressed. Pictures as below

Stoke Gala Bingo

Stoke Gala Bingo














Bristol Gala Bingo

Bristol Gala Bingo














Enfield Gala Bingo

Enfield Gala Bingo











Gala Bingo Sunderland

Gala Bingo Sunderland














Gala Bingo Liverpool

Gala Bingo Liverpool

















Gala Bingo Glenroth

Gala Bingo Glenroth