Aeropole at Specsaves Coventry

Specsavers opens its doors in Coventry.

The Specsavers store in Coventry has had a face lift so to bring attention to it’s new fresh look we were asked to install an entrance arch. The two main doors leading into the store are either side of a vertical support column so the answer was simple ” AEROPOLE”. All the balloons were inflated the day prior to the installation and bagged. Dan and Myself arrive onsite at 8.15am and by 9am the arch was installed and ready for the store opening at 10am.

The arch is the be used over the next few days so we have been asked to return each evening to remove the arch and place it inside the store, do any repair work and then reinstall the next morning., Qualatex Pearl Emerald Green and Pearl White latex balloons were used to create the arch

Aeropole using Qualatex Prl Emerald Green and Prl White

A simple swirl using Aeropole

Noticeable from the other side of the street