Value Range Latex Balloons

Value Range

I am very pleased to announce our very own range of latex balloons..“Value Range”‘  which are available in 3 count sizes for retail sale. The bag sizes are 25, 50 and 100 balloons and each bag come with its very own header card. The header card is very simple with your RRP displayed very clearly in the corner and what makes this more attractive is that we will design the header card around you and your company by adding your company name. web address and telephone number. At the moment they are available in 10 standard colour and a limited pearl range is on its way.

25 count standard ivory

50 count lime green

100 count light blue

Each bag has a seal strip top so if your customer does not use all the balloons at once they can reseal the bag to keep them fresh for next time. The bag sizes measure 11″ x 6″ including the header card

Mixed colour packs are also available as no extra charge and you can even stipulate the colours you wish to have in each pack

10 Standard Colour Ranges to choose form.


Dark Green



Lt Blue





Dark Blue



Value Latex Balloons

…..with personalised header card.

The personalised header card will come with your company name, web address and telephone number.

Sample pack and personalised header card available upon request


Minimum order

 10 bags per count.


25 count £1.50 per bag….RRP £2.46

50 count £2.25 per bag… RRP £3.75

100 count £3.00 per bag… RRP £4.98

The RRP is only a guide line and you can stipulate the price you wish to retail at which will be printed onto each header card.

All prices include Vat



Please allow 1 week for delivery


All order over £500.00 carriage paid

UK Mainland only


Call to discuss further

02476 676 961