Where have all the weddings gone!

Wedding Decor Downturn

So 2013 saw a down turn in weddings  due to superstition, or did it!  How many of you have have been twiddling your thumbs on a Saturday afternoon having completed just a few small jobs in the morning. Have you had to deal with the bride who has purchased everything off the good old Interweb, the balloons, the ribbon, the weights, the nylon line for the arch and even a box full of those lovely disposable cylinders..annoying  isn’t it.. I myself have seen a huge downturn in wedding related decor since 2012. My Saturdays prior to this were rammed with wedding decor, early morning starts with the van crammed with bouquets, arched, columns and Airwalkers. It was not unheard of to have at least 9-10 weddings booked in every Saturday from May to September, long working hours on a Friday night making sure you had all the stock ready, ribbon cut, bows and weights made, Hi-Floating balloon for the first drops on the Saturday morning and planning the routes from one job to the next.

So what happened to the weddings….

One of the main reason I did not chase the wedding work through 2011 – 2013 was the fact that someone else was always prepare to under cut you and not just by 5 or 10% but some times up to 50%…welcome to the world of what I refer to as the WEEKEND WARRIOR, Yep! anyone can do balloons, all you need is a bottle of helium, a few bags of balloons, a bit of ribbon and off you go, nice a cheap. So how do they do it, well its like this…No Public Liability Insurance, No Tax to pay, No VAT, No Overheads…NO PROBLEM.

So what did I do…

So how do I survive…well rather that battle with them I did something that they could not do, Balloon Printing. I invested my money in machines and concentrated on growing my business in another direction. Balloon printing was not new to me as I have had  balloon printing machines since 1996 so I just made it bigger and better and it paid off. I still kept my options open and still did wedding decor but I kept my prices resonable and gave a fantastic service, I did different decor, I offered the Qualatex Deco Bubbles and took them to Wedding Fayres, I did a lot of different air filled decor and stayed away from the usual 3 balloons tied to a water weight. If someone asked me to do the usual 3 balloons on a table I said yes and gave them a quote and if they said they had a quote for 50% less then I said good bye, it was simple. Why bust a gut working for nothing.

So we are now in the final stage of the wedding season for 2013 and I have made the decision to venture back and start creating the decor that started my business, the decor I love and that gives me a buzz and keeps the tills ringing. The Weekend Warrior  have drawn a hasty retreat into the foothills as they have now seen that cheap breads cheap and the more discerning bride wants the WOW FACTOR!

The plan…

I have drawn up a  battle plan, a new wedding price list is now being developed and finalised with 6 fantastic packages, major hotels and venues have been targeted and meetings put in place with the wedding co-ordinators. I’m back!. Major hotel wedding fayres will be attended and the great art of selling fantastic decor has been reborn.

So from now expect to see this at venues in and round the Coventry area….


Entrance decor created using 36 inch gold heart foil, 11 inch gold latex balloons and gold metallic 260Q balloons

Stunning Entrance Decor

Three 16 inch latex balloon with an inner smaller balloon

Table bouquet of 3 x 16" Double bubble balloons with tulle ribbon and a four cluster collar neck


9 latex balloons arranged into a cloud formation with the top balloons being a 16 inch double bubble

Cloud 9 table bouquets

4 cloud 9s on the top table with linking tulle. This decor co-ordinates with the cloud 9 table bouquets

4 cloud 9s on the top table with linking tulle

A sinle line arch constructed from 16" double bubbles. All the balloons in the arch have a hand tied tulle bow at the bottom which co-ordinates with the top table bouquets

Double Bubble top table arch

Special Occasion foils and Ivory Star cloth creating this fairy tale back drop

Special Occasion Foils and Ivory Star Cloth back drop


4 x 11 inch latex balloons and a single 16inch double bubble latex balloon with a co-ordinating bow and weight

Simple table bouquets. 4 x 11 inch latex and a 16 inch double bubble

A free standing cloth with over 250 white fibre optic light that are static or softly twinkling. This cloth will create the backdrop for the entire top table party

Ivory Star Cloth behind the top table. Simple but effective


4 cloud 9s above the top table with a set of fun Bride and Groom Airwalkers. Ivory Star Cloth back drop with co-co-ordinating magenta or fushia light

Cloud 9s over the top table, Bride & Groom Air Walkers and Ivory Star Cloth

Air filled 4 cluster swirl arch

An air filled swirl arch over the entrance door helps create impact for you and your guest to enter the room