Balloon Drop

700+ Balloon Drop

You can’t beat a good old balloon drop. Today’s little challenge was to install a balloon drop at the Telford International Centre in Shropshire. I was booked into hall one at 12.30pm and departed at 3.30pm. So 3 hours to inflate, stitch and rig a drop some 30 feet in the air…the trick is to arrive with all the balloons inflated, ( well most of them) net cut to size, so all you have to do in fill the net, chain stitch it shut and rig. SIMPLES

Most of the balloons had already been inflated the day before and bagged so all I needed to do was stretch out the pre-cut net and fill

I had cut the net way to big so I just inflated a few more balloons to pack it out. The client had booked a 500 drop but by the time I had finished it was more like 700+. The client did not seem to mind and I must admit it looked better. To get to this stage with the net now filled only took 1 hour. Arriving with over 70% of the balloons already inflated saves so much time

Once inflated and chain stitched shut it was just a matter of rigging. Thank god for cheery pickers