3 colour printed foil balloons

Qualatex 18″ round foils. 3 colour print.

A nice simple but very effective 3 colour print onto Qualatex 18″ round foils. Each colour is added individually and then left to dry. Once inflated they will be delivered to the venue late Wednesday night for a conference starting early Thursday morning.

First colour application

Second colour application


3rd and final colour application

Close up

Ordering printed foil balloons

So how easy is it to order printed foil balloons, well see below. I don’t think it could be any easier

All the relevant information on one form showing the artwork and job costs. This is emailed to you for you to confirm that all the information is correct. Once this has been done we go to print.

….and for those of you who need a price list then CLICK HERE for the online trade  balloon printing brochure. Enjoy