Things that go BANG in the night

Nothing like a few pyrotechnics, confetti air bursts and exploding balloons to keep the heart ticking and that’s just what Ecolab needed at there annual conference last Friday evening. 8 x 3ft exploding balloons each filled with 100 x 5″ balloons and 5000 pieces of flutter fettie, 12 x 8ft silver jets at the back on the stage followed by 16 confetti air-burst just to make sure everyone got the message and yes, I made a mess….

Air bursts and Exploders rigged and ready to go

12 Silver jets primed and ready to roar into action. The white box at the front of the stage with the X indicates where the presenter (CEO) must stand prior to firing. If he's not in that box then I don't fire

All wiring checked and ready to go. You can't beat a bit of pyro

As you can see it all went very well and I made a professional mess. The hotel staff were not amused as they had to clear this little lot up and then set for dinner at 7pm