BACI 2013…..I need your help.

BACI, Florence, Italy 2013

So last year was awesome and who would think you could top what happened to me, suspended a bloke in a shopping centre with 8ft Chloroprene balloon for a week,  shipped off to Macedonia to help with the TV programme “Idiot Abroad” and then a double spread in IMAGES magazine, WOW, what a year. So you would think this year would be a little bit calmer, well NO. I have been asked to head up the decor for the Gala Ball at BACI in Florence , Italy in April this year and I need your help.



Over the past few years the decor has be left to the trainers but they are busy teaching you lot and from what I can see it’s a  big venue so it going to need a lot of decor so if you want to have fun in-between your classes or you find yourself at a loose end late afternoon then pop along and get some hands on training doing BIG DECOR and I promise you it will be fun.

Lets create decor like this

and get funky with this

I’m not to sure what the theme for the decor is but I can promise you some great photo opportunities and for those of you who are new to this industry a massive learning curve and… Waite for it…. you get to meet me. Now that’s got to be a bonus

Now don't I look like a bundle of fun


So watch this space for more info and I look forward to seeing you all it Florence