Meet Sam Jackson our work experience student.

This week we have a new member of staff, Sam Jackson. Sam it on a weeks work experience from school. We have quite a few students coming to us and I’m a great believer in giving them useful training and not menial jobs. Sam joined us on Monday 9th July and fitted in well. He was given basic training by Dan about the balloon printing process and this morning we threw him in the deep end and let him use the 3ft balloon printer.

Sam inflates his first 3ft balloon

Sam gets the balloon into the machine


Sam positions the balloon in the machine

An he prints his first 3ft balloon, well done Sam. Young Sam is only 5'1" so I don't think it would be a good idea to let him print a 5.5 ft chloroprene balloons, we might just loose him.

Sam’s a great kid and has settled in very well and makes a wicked cup of tea. “PUT THE KETTLE ON SAM”.