Balloon Arches and Columns – 20 columns by 7.30am and 40 spiral balloon arches by 9am ( NO HELIUM REQUIRED)

Spiral Balloon Arches over Shop Doorways

Its not every day you get a job like this but when you do you have to take total control of everything and make it a smooth operation with no room for fault. It was a nationwide operation involving decorating spiral balloon arches around 10 call centres and 20 high street stores. The client was delighted with the promotion which in some cases saw a 300% increase in traffic and orders over that weekend and it would not of  been achievable with out the most amazing crews up and down the length of the country from Swansea in South Wales to Falkirk in Scotland.

MONDAY 2nd JULY 2012

To install 20  x 6ft spiral columns with a 36″ latex top at 10 call centres by 7.30am

Gateshead, Stockton & Newcastle, well done Keith and Dominic 




Manchester, City House and Concord House. Well done Kevin

City House Wythenshawe

Concord House, Wythernshawe

Swansea, Well done Dr Bob



The other areas were Glenrothes in Scotland covered by Colin Myles, , Sheffield in Yorkshire covered by Daryl Morrison and Trowbridge in Wiltshire covered by Dave Stanbridge

Thursday 5th July 2012

To build and install 40 air filled 4 cluster swirl arches over the entrance doors to the stores to help increase traffic flow, and my brief to each crew was as follows……


Entrance Decor

5th , 6th, 7th and 8th July 21012

Hi Guys,

Once again many thanks for all your help, Its another mammoth task I have undertaken which is made so much easier knowing I have all your expertise at hand. Most of you have worked with me on several projects so know my standards and for those of you who are working for me for the first time then welcome on board.


The Mission…. de de deeer….

I have been seconded to supply 40 air filled spiral balloon arches across the country to be place over the entrance door to various *********** Stores, (See list attached). The spiral balloon arches need to last 4 days and as you know the British weather is not at its best at the moment so we do have an up hill struggle on our hands so I’m going to leave certain decisions in your professional hands. When you arrive at your location you will need the make the following decision…. is it safe to place the arch over the entrance door outside or would it be safer inside over the entrance door. The object of the exercise for the balloon arches for ****** ***** is to drive traffic into the store and as well all know balloon arches are a great medium

The arches need to be in place as of 9am on Thursday morning so the attached list will highlight your allocated store / s with a manager’s name and contact number so it may be a good idea to contact each store prior to Thursday and introduce your self and give timings. For those of you who have taken on 2 or more location then good luck and I do understand that you cannot be at all location at the same time

Installing the arch

Once the spiral balloon arch has been installed it will need maintaining so I suggest that each of you give the store manager your business card with a contact number on it so he can contact you directly should he / she need to.

If the arch is outside then you will have to show the staff how to move the arch inside after the store closes and how to re-install the arch each morning. It may be best if you liaise with the manager that you will return each day at a certain time to assist and repair if needed

If the arch is inside then damage will be minimal but you should at time to time revisit the store or phone the manager just to check all is OK (This action will help secure further orders and show professionalism throughout.

Some of the balloon arches are in covered shopping centres so outside over the entrance door will be easier but as we all know people (Children) look with there hands so all point above need to be considered.

If you do need to rebuild your balloon arch then I suggest this be done for the Saturday or after store closing on the Friday evening (or when ever need be). If any of you are struggling then please call me on 07850844550

Stock (600 balloon per store which will allow for a complete re-build if required and repairs)

All the balloons you will be using for this job are Qualatex 11” standards in red and white and have been supplied. All you need to supply for each store in the framework, travel and labour

I have allowed enough balloons for a complete re-build of each balloon arch should this be the case but if not please feel free to keep the balloons as it has all be budgeted for.

The Balloon Arch

There are many different designs for swirl arches but as long as its a 4 cluster swirl arch I will let you put your owns signature on in and will be running a competition for the best looking style of arch (250 single sided 11” Qualatex single colour printed balloons, life don’t get much better than this)


For long life a durability I would suggest that all the balloons be sized to 8”, this will give a better compact arch

Once you have completed your arch then please take a picture of it in location and email to me. and it will be entered into the competition. If your arch does get totally destroyed then take a picture of what’s left and email that to me as well.

All arches will need to be de-rigged on Sunday 8th July when the store closes so please once again liaise with the manager


As agreed with all of you the fee is £***.** per store weather you need to rebuild or not.

Your invoice should be sent to me at this office

Matthew Lewis Displays

21 Allesley Old Road





Or emailed to (Traci is my wife who will be handling all the payments) I would also like at ask each of you to allow me 30 days credit for payment

Once you have received you stock and instruction can I just ask you the email me stating that all is OK and you have everything you need.

Once again many thanks to you all and may I be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Matt Lewis CBA

……and the results were fantastic, well done all, see the balloon arch pictures below

Birmingham, Well done Ben

Birmingham Spiral Arch

Birmingham Spiral Arch

Liverpool |& Bootle, Well done Wez

Bootle Spiral Arch

Bootle Spiral Arch

Liverpool Balloon Arch

Liverpool Balloon Arch

Bradford & Leeds, Well done Dave



Bristol, Well done Carolyn


Falkirk, Well done guys


Glasgow, Well done Norman


Hounslow & Kingston, Well done Lucy



Leicester & Nottingham, Well done Liz

Leicester / Nottingham

Middlesbrough, Well done Keith & Dominic


Peterborough, Well done Angie


Swansea, Well done Gemma


Other areas that need balloon arches were Edinburgh, Reading, Maidstone and Sutton  but up until now no photos have be supplied but well done guys, you all did a fantastic job

And whilst you were all out battling with those arches I was at Silverstone with Sara and Mike Harris doing the SRC marquee decor for the British Grand Prix 2012

British Grand Prix marquee decor 2012

British Grand Prix marquee decor 2012

And not a single drop of helium was use on the entire project, HELIUM, it’s very overrated