Balloon Release in a van TO GO

There is nothing worse than standing in the rain on a British summers day inflating wet balloons and placing them into a sodden net whilst try to keep a professional look, so here’s the answer…

Place the net in the van, fill the balloons in the van and place into the very dry net, drive to venue, get net out of van (may take a few minutes as the net will get caught on every part of the van), stand in the middle of the school playground in the pouring rain with 500 screaming and highly excited school children, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, release balloons, pick up wet net that has fallen into the only puddle in the playground, de-tangle net that is now hooked around several children and a bush, make professional exit from the school looking like a wet cat, place dripping wet net into the back on the van, drive back to office for a cup of tea. Don’t you just love British summertime weather.

500 balloon release in a van