Busy, Busy, Busy

The Qualatex Event was way back in November 2011 but since then we have had a steady flow of orders on latex and foil balloon printing as well as Special Occasion Foils and 36″ latex. Over 500 price lists were given out at the event to both English and European decorators and wholesalers so it was no surprise when we started getting email from Denmark, Sweden, Italy and Malta about our balloon printing services. They seem to have the latex covered out there but struggle with the foil balloon printing and the different inks that are used together with the cleaners, retarders and bonders.

Our first major deal has come from IBS in Belgium and so far has taken over a week to complete the first part of the order  was for 18″ First Holy Communion foils with a single colour double side print. The next part of the order is for 36″ foils again with a double side print. We almost cleaned Pioneer Europe out and had to have the remaining foils shipped from HQ in America. In-between printing these foils the 36″ latex printing has been pretty non stop and once again I find myself doing the graveyard shift most evening and weekends just to keep the short lead times at bay.

It may not look a lot but there are over 1500 foils here with more drying on the rack

Once this little lot are dry we will be moving onto the 36" foils

NOTE TO SELF. Look for another drying rack and take next weekend off and go fishing (weather permitting)