Balloon Drop

Now there is nothing new about balloon drops, just turn up at the venue, rig and go, nice and simple. So that’s what I did. I turned up an the venue with a 250 drop ready to go in the van. As the venue was Butterworth Hall at Warwick University I just assumes a flyer would be lowered, attach the net and up it goes. Nope got that bit wrong. Lines were lowered from above but I had to secure the net from above, easy I hear you say. Well they say pictures say a thousand words…….

45ft does not look all that high from the ground but from up there it's a long way down

Rigged and ready to go

The entire ceiling is made of a steel wires in a grid formation. It's like walking on a springy mattress. ( Note, That's not me. I was holding on to the rail and took the picture )

I finally took the "Leap Of Faith". Awesome feeling as I walked from one end to the other.