Problem with the Non -Message Bubble Balloons

Over the past few weeks I have seen various message about decorators having a few problems with the 22″ Spring Floral Patterns Non-Message Bubble Balloons. Some say the balloons have been deflating whilst others say they have been splitting along the seams and now I am experiencing the same, so here’s what I did. Rather that put a post on my Face Book and winged about it I phone Qualatex, told them about the problem, gave them the serial numbers of the product. They immediately took those numbers and pulled the stock from the shelves so as not to sell any more. If other Qualatex customer had done the same may be, just may be I would not of received faulty stock and this problem may have been rectified. If every you experience a problem with your stock tell your supplier because if they are not aware of it then they cannot rectify it, they are not going to tell you off but they will be grateful for the information.

As a result of this I now have new stock on its way and my account is being credited and the faulty stock will be collected, well done Qualatex and well done Tracey Reeves for handling this problem so professionally ( Tracey is one of the customer service adviser at Qualatex (Pioneer) who I speak to when placing orders.

22" Bubbles starting to deflate a few hours after being inflated

Split seam