It’s SALE time

I’m a great believer in preparation and planning ahead and this works in any business not just the balloon industry. The more you get done ahead of time the less you need to do on the day. When it come to foil balloons I always ensure that all the ribbon is attached prior to inflating and all the tails are curled so on the day all you need to do in inflate, bouquet and deliver and all done in a fraction of the time helped by planning ahead.

So this weeks task was to deliver 200 more bouquets to the Pilot distribution centre here in Coventry and this time it was sale balloons, red and white foil hearts with a double side screen print. They do not have to be delivered until tomorrow (14th December) but the hard work is done now so all we have to do it deliver them. The first lot are in the van and the second lot are all made up ready and waiting

600 foils with ribbon attached and ready to be inflated

Sale foils being inflated

The first batch ready for delivery