Gala Bingo. The Ultimate Bingo Challenge

Now this was a challenge, 10 site each requiring a 4 cluster swirl arch and 2 free-standing columns and to be installed between 9am and 10.30am on Sunday 21st August 2011. The locations were Aberdeen, Newcastle, Stockport, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Coventry, Rochester, Middlesex and BRISTOL (See notes and the end of the blog about Bristol)

ABERDEEN. Well done Colin Miles

Aberdeen Entrance Arch


Aberdeen Stage Decor


NEWCASTLE. Well done Gary

Entrance Arch Newcastle


Stage Decor Newcastle

 STOCKPORT. Well done Paul Bloomer

Entrance Arch. Stockport Gala Bingo

Stockport Stage Decor


 LEEDS. Well done Danielle & Berni

Entrance Arch Leeds


Leeds Stage Decor


 NOTTINGHAM. Well done Liz Roffey

Nottingham Entrance Arch


Nottingham Stage Decor


 ROCHESTER. Well done Janet

Entrance Arch


Stage Decor


MIDDLESEX, Well done Wendy

Middlesex Entrance Arch


Middlesex Stage Decor


Coventry Entrance Arch


Coventry Stage Decor


Birmingham Entrance Arch



Birmingham Stage Decor


There are no picture of the Bristol Job, it’s not that they forgot to take any pictures, It’s the fact that they did not turn up at all. I called them 5 times on their mobile, text them twice and on one occasion they cut me off, so thank you to the Bristol company who took the job on, thankyou for letting me down

To all of you who helped with the decor thankyou, it was a pleasure working with you all.


Yesterday I emailed them……

Dear £*%”**&

We are all at a loss here and bewildered as to why you did not install the arch and columns at the Bristol Gala Bingo on Sunday as commissioned.

All stock was dispatched to you on the 17th August via RMS for delivery by 1pm on the 18th. We will check and track this item with RMS

Every other Gala Bingo was installed according to our instruction with the exception of Bristol

We phoned you and text you on several occasion on Sunday 21st August and at one point we were cut off

Myself and my client request a valid reason for this so as we can report back to Gala Bingo in a hope as not to jeopardise future work.

I look forward to you answer

Im still waiting for and answer