I’ve been on holiday but now I’m back

It’s been a few weeks since we last spoke but don’t worry because I’m back. I have had 2 week annual leave in on the beautiful Island of Fuerteventura, had a fantastic time but now it’s back to reality. Before heading of to sunnier climbs I had the pleasure of one again decorating the “Jude Brady Foundation” summer ball on Friday 3rd June 2011 at the De Vere Dunston Hall Hotel in Suffolk. The day starts with a golf tournament at 11am and the gala dinner at 7pm followed by the auction at 9.30pm. A great event and in total £21000 was raised for a great cause. Well done everyone.

Staying cool under pressure

 Whilst away on leave the lads back at the office were swamped with orders for print and decorating. Poor Danny clocked up over 90hrs in the first week  and things did not get much better for him in the second week either so whilst in Fuerteventura I managed to ease the stress a little and on 3 days handled all the emails and queries with the help of my Blackberry, don’t you just love modern technology. Danny even undertook a large decoration job for Capitol One in Nottingham installing over 100 bouquets of printed foils throughout the building and 6 giant arches again made from foils. Some of the arches used over 70 foils in each, Well Done Dan.

Stunning entrance decor for the Jude Brady Foundation

Room Decor. 36" foils make fantastic centrepiece


I’m now back and the orders are still flooding in. It’s that busy I have had to postpone the delivery of my new automatic balloon printing machine till next week as we just cannot afford to stop for 1 day

There’s lots more to report on but you are all going to have to wait till my next Blog.

Back soon