Full Steam Ahead


Easter came and went, 3 days later were on holiday again and all glued to our TV sets to watch “The Royal Wedding” and yes it was fantastic, proud to be British. May Day ended before it began and before you knew it we were all back at work and another bank holiday looms just around the corner. Between the 18th April and the end of this week we will have only worked 11 days out of a possible 15 and now have to play catch up.


Special Occasion Foil. 27 orders in 4 week, not bad for April and the orders have been arriving every day in May on an average of 3 orders per day and its great to see some new companies using the site. The Confirmation & First Holy Communion season is just around the corner but the wedding day design still tops the leader board with the most popular being white with a silver print. Latex and foil balloon print still remain buoyant and on average about 15 orders per week which is good for this time of year.

New Print Machine arrive later this month. The work on the print room is 90% completed and just need a big tidy up and a coat of paint.

I took a long weekend break during the Royal Wedding and May-day and left all the decoration to Danny and as per usual everything went 100%. It’s great to now I have trusted staff which means I can relax a bit more. All the weddings that Dan decorated involved Special Occasion Foil.

Special Occasion Foil Topiary Ball

Ceiling fill over the dance floor

Black and White top table decor with star cloth

Whilst Dan took a well needed rest on Sunday 1st May  Ben Parkinson stood in and helped with the decor for the Catering Awards 2011 at the Hilton Metropole NEC. Each 36″ red star foils had a restaurant name printed both sides replacing the traditional table number. Well done Ben and many thanks

36" Red foil stars per table