1500 Printed Foils

1500 printed foils is a great order to get and they are double side print so that’s 3000 pulls. The entire order has to be with the client on the 12th May. The order was place on the 14th April and yes I know, should have started to printed them the following week but an order like this will take about 3 days to print so we have had to make sure we have at  least 4 clear days with no other orders pending. Special Occasion Foils was busy during April and so was foil printing in general so it was best to complete all the smaller orders before tackling this one. We started at about 11.30am on Friday and on average one person can manage about 100 foils single side print in about 30 minutes. Drying time is about 2hrs for each run just to be on the safe side so by the close of trade (which was about 8pm last night for me) the first 300 foils hade been printed on both sides.

Started work at 6.30am this morning and manged to get another 300 foils printed in 1.5 hrs. Kept a steady pace and no phone call or interruptions helps. Now need to press on with todays jobs and return to print the reverse side at about 2.30pm. I’m going to give tomorrow a miss and go fishing (weather permitting). The entire order will be ready for dispatch on the 11th May

Solid black print on to Qualatex gold foils