Special Occasion Foils & Balloon Printing.

My last Blog was on the 7th March, It’s not that I have not been busy in fact quite the opposite I have been very busy, it was all about finding the time to Blog.

As I write this blog the new addition for Special Occasion Foils are being scanned into the system and forwarded to the web designer (If I can find him) to be added to the site. Graduation, Engagement, Christmas, Bar-Mitzvah and Bat-Mitzvah should be up and running by the end of March but will keep you all informed. (Jim get your finger out)

Each weekend in March has been busy and at least 5 event on each Saturday and Special Occasion Foils have been present at most of them.

Special Occasion Foils top table decor and Ivory Star Cloth. A stunning effect for behind the top table.

Special occasion Foils Taper Twist. Still a strong seller

Balloon Printing

During the week the balloon printing has been non stop and kept the print department on their toes with the foil balloon print still seeing growth upon last years figures.

As many of you know over the past 10 years I have offered a trade printing service to all balloon decorators and have constantly strived to give you the best service I could on small quantities but have struggles to give you the best price I could on larger runs. As many of you know we operate 2 Cantek 2000 manual latex machines here and yes I have printed runs on over 1000 balloon but its hard and frustrating and only so many hours in a working day (Not that it bothers me as I can often be found with my head stuck in a machine long after the staff have departed) but there comes a time when you need help , so I’ve invested in another printing machine, yep I’ve spent some money. First I have some alterations to do to the building as the machine is quite large and I hope these will start in mid April and the machine installed in May but for the moment I will be dedicating my time to a new trade print price list and soon be able to offer larger runs at more competitive prices. Be back soon, Matt

Ps, It also prints in 2 colour