Special Occasion Foils

Over the past few months I have had several emails from customers asking for Special Occasion Foils but rather that use the site to order they have asked if I can print them on different shape foils other that what is available on the site, SORRY the answer is no, let me explain.

The only foils you can order are the ones on the site. All the foils are pre-printed with the design and stored flat in large plan files. When an order is placed on the site we select the chosen foil and add the personalization. In order to keep the cost for each set to a reasonable price we have to print a minimum run  for each design, about 50 per diff colour. The only reason I mention this is that this morning I received a request from a customer asking if they could order the Christening Special Occasion Foils in blue but could it be star shaped not heart. Hope this helps