New Balloon Printing Machine

So before the new balloon printing machine arrive in May we have quite a lot of work to do. As some of you may know I operate the company from 21 Allesley Old Road, Coventry, Warwickshire CV5 8BU and is part of the old watch-making district of Chapelfields which lies 2.4 km (1½ miles) west of the City Centre and comprises a highly urban area of terraced houses with a mixture of small shops and commercial premises.  The conservation area is bounded to the north by Allesley Old Road and to the south-east by Hearsall Lane.  It includes just four streets, Craven Street, Mount Street, Lord Street and Duke Street.

The area was developed about 155 years ago as an extension of the established watchmaking area of Spon End. The houses were designed to function both as dwellings and workplaces which, combined with the restrained style of building, represents an area unique in Coventry.

The front door to the building is situated on the Allesley Old Road

Close up of the plaque presented by the Coventry Watchmaker Society

The entire building taken from the Allesley Old Road

There is a lot of work to do and it starts on the 15th of April and should be completed over the weekend.

The window to the RHS of the black door needs to be removed and knocked through to make an entrance of about 190cm. RSJs need to be installed to the top and both sides and double wood slatted doors installed

Permission for the building alteration was granted by Coventry City Council Conservation Department

Inside this area we will need to remove all work benches and the wash area behind the glass partition will be removed. The original toilets behind this area are to be given a face.

The new machine will be placed at the top end of the building on the ground floor. This area use to house 7 Rotaprint machines used to print business stationary. The company has moved away from this area and now uses digital machinery which is housed in the front of the main building on the first floor

Printing Room. This is where the new balloon printing machine will be housed and operated. The doorway at the back of the room on the RHS will house the compressor. All work benches will be removed, new radiators installed and a lick of paint will brighten up the entire area

We are one of the only balloon printing companies in Coventry and its a great feeling to be moving forward. Roll on May. Click here to see the machine in action