Helium bottle turns up after 6years

I had a phone call from one of my customers the other day asking me if I could collect some empty helium cylinders from a remote location. The company build houses and we deliver helium all over the UK for them dropping the cylinder off at each location and collecting after they have finished with the promotion. The cylinder is usually delivery to the sales office which is situated in the middle of the site, it’s a building site and over the months the out look changes, the sales office moves into the newly completed show home, the site is them completed, the show homes are sold , the site closes down as all the houses are sold. I remember delivering to this site but no collection was made, our records show the bottle was lost and signed off (Paid for by the client) so you can imagine my surprise when the phone call came through. Luckey today I was delivering in Northampton and Silverstone and the original site is just down the road in Banbury so I set the Sat Nav with the post code and off I went and yep the bottles were there. The sale office was gone but I had found the bottles and they even had the filling kits attached. Result.

The Sale Office has been demolished to make way for new apartments.
They look a bit sorry for them selves but after 6 years I’m happy to see them. One of then still has the pink location tag attached giving information about the delivery date and cylinder location and the other has a broken head.

Welcome home boys