Busy Weekend

As I reported in my last post week commencing 14th February was busy, and so was the weekend. Special Occasion Foils were present at 3 function. The weekend consisted of 5 jobs all of which were birthday parties and all had to be delivered and installed between 4.30 and 7.00pm and the locations were split between Coventry, Nuneaton and Leamington Spa. Thank God for Sat Nav and decommissioned speed cameras.

Michelle's 40th at the Chase in Nuneaton

Ros’s 40th at Bailey’s Wine Bar in Coventry. Bit of an American theme at this party

Once all these jobs had been installed is was back to the office and load up for 2 Wedding Fayre on Sunday. These were held at the Windmill Village Hotel in Coventry and The Manor Hotel in Meriden and gave us a great opportunity to show the new Qualatex deco bubbles.

20" Deco Bubble Bouquet. "Jointed Heart ARP" with 4 cluster collar and tulle

Single 24″ Deco Bubble”Stylish Hearts” with 5mm gold ribbon dropper and topiary ball base

I can see me working a lot with these Deco Bubbles and with a float time of around 6 weeks it will certainly ease the pressure on busy Saturdays as they can be inflated way ahead of time.