BOC Disposable Cylinders are back in the market place

The BOC Disposable cylinders are now back in stock after a few months absence. They were withdrawn from sale across the entire country due to a faulty valve which sometimes detached it’s self from the cylinder under pressure. Trading Standards were involved and informed BOC who withdrew them from sale, but they have now eliminated the problem, fitted a new valve and are back in business.

Over the past few months we have been stocking a new disposable and although a good seller the cost was more so sales fell. I have now just sold the last 25 and they are being shipped today to a housing development chain for a valentines promotion. These cylinder were being sold at £42.00 without balloons and £46.00 including balloons. The BOC disposable are £32.50 without balloons and £35.00 with balloons from a pre-selective range which we carry in stock 24/7. There is also no delivery charge to us as we pick up 2 or 3 pallets at a time from the local BOC depot

Last remaining stock of disposable cylinders now sold. BOC disposable now back in stock.