Special Occasion Foils. Meet the Artist

As you know Special Occasion Foils was launched in 2009 with 6 designs, Wedding, Birthday, Confirmation, First Holy Communion, Christening & Anniversary and has grown at a steady pace. We are now ready to launch the next 4 new designs, Engagement, Graduation, Bat-mitzvah & Bar-mitzvah but before we do that I though you might like to meet the artist, her name is Sheila, she’s my mum, is 80 years old (Young) and I’m very proud of her.

Sheila, 80 years old and still passionate about her art

If you every get the chance to visit the company you will notice the walls are festooned with pictures and they all belong to Sheila and her favorite subjects are birds and flowers. She sells quite a lot and has even had some stolen from exhibitions (Fame at last).

All the artwork for Special Occasion Foils is hand drawn and painted so the copy right belongs to her and no one can take that away, it also means that the connection between these foils and the company remains strong, a real family business.

Below are just a small selection of her paintings

(If you click on each picture is will open up a larger file)