Special Occasion Foils “Funky Anniversary Heart”.

On Wednesday 12th January I blogged about a new design I had created for Special Occasion Foils ” Birthday Taper Twist”  and thank you to all who gave such positve comment not only from here in the UK but New York, California, South Africa and Australia, infact I had over 160 views on the Blog, 650+ impressions on the Face Book page for Special Occasion Foils and an inbox brimming which still remains 50% unanswered ( I will respond to you all in time). I left the office on Wednesday evening on cloud 9 and I’m still up there somewhere.

At 6am this morning I was again buzzing with another design idea, not to distant removed from the previous one. It took a little longer to create but still very sellable. I hope to come down of this cloud in the next few days but whilst Im up here I going to share it all with you, Enjoy

A little stock can go a long way, let the creative juices flow!

Special Occasion Foils " Anniversary Funky Heart"