Foil Balloon Printing

Over the past couple of months we have seen an upturn in foil balloon printing. Now during a recession companies look to cut costs and reduce overheads but still need to maintain brand awareness and effective advertising. Foil balloon printing is more expensive that latex balloon printing but the benefits are obvious.

  • Float time on an 18″ foil is around 7 – 10 days
  • Ideal for multi-day promotions
  • Can be inflate ahead of the promotion start date
  • They self seal which eliminates the daunting task of hand tieing
  • Larger print area than the average 9″ or 11″ latex balloon

Single colour print on to a 20" Star Foil

2 colour print onto an 18" silver round foils

3 colour print onto an 18" round teal foil

3 colour print on to an 18" silver star foil

Single colour print on to an 18" red round foil

Single colour print on to a 20" silver star foil

3 colour print onto a 20" gold star foil

The only drawback to foil balloon printing is that it takes much longer and the inks do not dry instantly unlike latex balloon printing so lead times need to be greater. You also need a much bigger printing area and specialist drying racks.

Screen printing bed in action. Only another 1200 foils to print

The drying rack which can hold 300 x 20" Stars or 480 x 18" rounds or hearts. Drying time can be from 1hr to overnight depending on image size