Tesco Have but Sainsburys Have Not

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Well I finally got paid by Tesco, only took a years and I had an apology from the Store Manager so now I can move on and battle it out with another giant, Sainsbury’s, Oh the fun never stop.

Back in April this year we saw the launch of Avatar on DVD and Sainsbury’s Canley, Coventry contracted me to promote this on the day, it was an easy job and had to be installed by 7am. Two single line arches constructed from 18″ round foils and a few foil bouquets at the customer service desk. Total cost £150.00 and I’m still waiting for payment. An invoice was emailed to the store manager as requested and prompt payment was promised but I have a dilemma which should not really affect this but its awkward, My wife works at the Canley Store but also works for me in the accounts department. She has asked her Manager if he could settle the account on several occasions and been told it will be done but still no payment. I trusted Sainsbury’s because my wife worked at that store and thought I would have no problem with payment but now find myself having to do battle again, its absolutely disgusting that these giants shun requests for payment from small businesses as if they have not got time to deal with them as they are only interested in filling their own tills. My wife feels embarrassed about the situation so I now have no other choice than to proceed with small claims which is dealt with by the accounts department my” My Wife”