National Grid Christmas Party @ Ricoh Arena Coventry

Its another busy week for all of us here and the largest job of the week is the National Grid Christmas Party at Ricoh Arena Coventry. 90 tables in total each decorated with a single 36″ gold star foil with a 4 cluster collar and gold glimmer tulle dropper. The foils were screen printed last week and inflation started on Wednesday

All balloons inflated

Once all the balloons had been inflated we added the weights, lucky we have a large room to do this so storage in not a problem.

All weighted and ready for the collars and tulle dropper

Collars and tulle dropper added

The next step is to bag the balloons and load them into the van. Its much easier to transport the balloons in large bags as once at the venue it’s quite a walk to the function room on the 3rd floor

All loaded and ready for delivery

Once at Ricoh the balloons are delivered to the Eon Lounge

The Eon Lounge at Ricoh Arena

Right then! Lets get them out of the bags and onto the tables

Big rooms need BIG BALLOONS and the Qualatex 36″ stars do the trick

Room looks good and client very happy

Back at Ricoh tomorrow for 2 more events and then next week, well that’s another Blog so watch this space