Special Occasion Foils & 24″ Deco Bubbles

I love creating event decor the turns heads, makes people stop and ask question and I did just that on Saturday night. The event was not big, 6 tables in total. All we supplied was 6 table bouquets, 6 party bags and 2 Special Occasion Foils. It was the table bouquets that caught everyones eye, 24″ Deco Bubbles with an 11″ custom printed latex balloon inside and a strobe wand, A real WOW factor when the lights were dimmed.

24" Double Bubble using Qualatex Deco Bubbles

All the 11" balloons were custom printed in white

The function room at Hogarths Hotel Nr Dorridge

Special Occasion Foils Birthday Star Blast at the entrance

When the lights were dipped the effect was stunning. Click here to view